Where The Professional Skills and Benefits of  Massage are Well Enhanced 

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About us

After graduating from the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts, as a certified massage therapist in Neuromuscular Therapy and Swedish massage, I had the opportunity to serve hundreds of satisfied clients from all walks of life in the Atlanta area and surrounding communities; most of which, I still have the honor to serve on a regular basis.

With every client, I came closer and closer to understanding how much everyday life dealings impact our physical and mental well being. Numerous studies have actually shown beyond any reason of doubt how psychological and mental stress and depression can easily turn into physical stress and vice versa; manifesting  in different levels of discomfort and pain in different parts of the body and mind. To prevent most of these modern life symptoms, most practitioners emphasize on the important healing power of the body and the mind in rebuilding and rejuvenating higher levels of energy and performance in life.

Buckhead Healing Massage came as a response to many concerns, not to say complaints, of many clients I have met with while working for 7 years in some of the major spas in the city. Over pricing, lack of follow up and understanding of their unique therapeutic needs made their experience more like business dealings than a Healing journey that could have enhanced their physical, mental and spiritual state.
striving to deliver a higher level of service has been my major concern while practicing in the field.
Clients feed back and respose were, and still are, my real motivation to further get continuous education in the field to be at the level of teir expectations.
Please, do not hesitate about any questions you might have about how massage therapy can improve your life.            






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