Where The Professional Skills and Benefits of  Massage are Well Enhanced 

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Take time to reconnect with yourself again 

   People just like you and me are including massage as part of their regular  exercise programs to unlock a more healthy, energetic, and stress-free lifestyle.

  Whether you are an athlete seeking to prevent injury and enhance performance or a hard-working individual seeking to release the physical and mental stress of everyday life, we will accommodate your needs. Different massage modalities often need to be combined within a single session, depending on the areas of muscle tension and tightness. Most pain and discomfort in the body is referred from various trigger points that work together to prevent further bodily injury. At Buckhead Healing Massage, we understand those elements and use our expertise to customize a successful therapeutic approach to your specific condition.

   Anyone who has experienced pain knows its detrimental effect on work and  family life. Relieving pain is a step toward returning joy and happiness to one's  life.  
 weekly massage can do wonders to relieve you from pain and get you back on  track. After the initial pain is reduced, getting massages once every 2-4 weeks is  an excellent way to keep  pain in your past. 
   At Buckhead Healing Massage, we strive to meet each client's unique and  individual  needs.
   Our expertise, variety of services, affordable prices, and convenient location will  make your visit a gratifying experience.






Open daily from 7AM to 10PM
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Hamid Mohajir



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Atlanta, GA 30342

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